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The Pennsylvania Public School Code requires that all districts in the Commonwealth complete a district strategic plan every six years. The new strategic plan for the Ambridge Area School District was developed by numerous groups including: community members, parents, teachers and administrators. The committee working on the strategic planning process were divided into sub-groups as follows: Professional Development, Technology Education, Teacher Induction, Community and Parental Communication and Facilities Management. The committee composed of community members, administrators, teachers and members of the board of education.

The first task of the Strategic Planning Committee was to adopt a new mission statement that reflected of the needs of the district. The mission statement was developed and approved by all committee members. From the mission statement, the group constructed a list of seven belief statements that the committee determined to fit the personality of the school community. After the belief statements were completed, the committee debated and authored the values, goals and strategies to obtain the district goals.

Information was collected by different committee members dealing with their specific assignment and brought back to the meetings. After the meetings were over, administrators and teachers were assigned to author specific sections of the plan with the information gathered at the meetings.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Ambridge Area School District is to be the "Bridge" to leading and learning, preparing students for the future through academic excellence.

Vision Statement

We believe:

  • Our community should encourage and support its youth to succeed by being actively involved in the educational process
  • We must build trust through a positive approach with our students, staff, and community
  • An appreciation and respect for diversity enriches the learning experience
  • Every student should be challenged by a curriculum that maximizes their academic potential
  • The development of a positive self-esteem is necessary for individual growth
  • In the preparation of students to become life long learners in an ever changing global society
  • Accountability is essential for achieving high expectations

Shared Values

All students will:

  • Be academically challenged by current instructional resources, methods, technology and pedagogy
  • Participate in community service
  • Be engaged in a variety of activities that support and enhance academic and personal growth
  • Be prepared for post-graduate opportunities
  • Demonstrate proficiency in core academic subjects 


Posted:  10/31/17

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