Testing Schedule
Pennsylvania Common Core Standards


The course selection books for the Junior and Senior High School are attached below.  Both selection books are a comprehensive review of all core content and elective courses.  Students and their parents/guardians can use the selection books to map out a course of studies for their Junior High and High School academic careers.


The content, skills, and assessments for each course are presented in the District’s Curriculum Maps. These maps are aligned to the Pennsylvania Standards.  The elementary course of study is organized as prescribed by the Department of Education.  Reading which is considered to be the most important area, receives the greatest time allotment, and is integrated within all other areas.  In reading, the children are exposed to multi-teaching strategies. Numerous supplemental materials are utilized to enrich and enhance the program. 

Social Studies is taught as a combination of geography and history.  Mathematics, health, science, and handwriting are included in the daily schedule.  Art, music, and physical education are once a week. Kindergarten students receive library and physical education once a week.  Instrumental music lessons and chorus are offered to fifth and sixth grade students as part of the curriculum.  Libraries are in operation in all the elementary buildings with the services of a librarian/media specialist.

The district has built an intervention block into the elementary schedule. During this time the students are placed into flexible groups where the students receive remediation and or enrichment on a given skill. The students are placed into smaller groups led by the grade level classroom teachers, Title I reading specialists and special education teachers the size of the groups are much smaller than during a regular instructional period, allowing for a better teacher to student ratio. The students are pre-assessed to identify what group they should be in and our post-assessed to determine if they have mastered the skill or additional remediation is necessary. The intervention periods allow for intense research based remediation for all students that need it, not just those who have an Individualized Education Plan. In addition it allows students who do not qualify for the gifted program to still receive the appropriate enrichment activities on the given skill.

All elementary schools are equipped with a minimum of a thirty unit computer lab.  The children are scheduled to go there on a regular basis.  The lab is equipped with a network system which includes applications for all necessary operations.  Students and parents are required to sign the AASD Computer Usage Policy before using the district’s computer labs.