Ambridge Area School District

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- New Unit Ventilator, Book Cases and piping covers installed.
- New High Efficiency Hot water Heating system is online today for start of school.
- 3000 Amp Load Center 95% Installed and operational.


Installations under way
• The Piping mains in the hallways are about 98 percent installed and have been pressure tested. Ceiling tiles are being reinstalled.
• All of the classroom and Hallway Unit Ventilators and Shelving Units are received and are being Installed in their intended locations.
• The pads have been poured in the mechanical Room and the Major equipment and pumps have been set on them.
• The Chiller Pad is constructed.
• The two Air Handling Units in that supply the locker rooms are demolished and the replacements are hung in place.
• Ductwork and Piping is being installed on the ceiling mounted Unit Ventilators .
• Hydronic Final Connections are being installed on the RTUs
• The Roofing is finished and the RTUs are set in place.
• Piping run outs have been started and are 95% Complete- Insulation is following very closely to piping completions.
• Electrical circuits are being installed.
• Mini Cassette Evaporator hung in Shop and Faculty area.
• DLC has been on site for first shutdown and is sending an engineer to access the vault condition (Pending).
• Switch Gear is in schedule and will arrive by Monday 8/15/16 (Did not arrive and is being investigated)
• Installation of Boilers, HW Heaters, Pumps and other Hydronic have continue and are around 45 % installed.
• OZ Enterprises continues with their wiring trunk installation

Upcoming & Continuing Tasks
• Installation of the Unit Ventilators and Book Cases.
• Installations of Piping Run Outs to UVs and other equipment.
• Continue Insulation of piping.
• Controls Installation.
• Piping installations.
• 3000 Amp Electrical Main Panel Installation.
• Continue installation of needed electrical upgrades for HVAC upgrades
• Boiler Room Installations of both equipment and Piping ..
• RTU piping and Duct installations.
• Incremental equipment installations. ( Fan Coils, Mini Splits and PTAC units)
• Receive and set Chiller


• Coordinated targeted cleanup started 8/9/16 for upcoming school activities. Started 7/26 ahead of schedule
• Prepare for the New Student Orientation of 8/25/16
• Teachers get classrooms back on 8/30/16.
• School Begins 9/6/16.
• Building heating on 10/15/16.
• Project substantial completion by 3-31-17.