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Senior High School

909 Duss Avenue, Ambridge, PA 15003 | 724.266.2833 | f. 724-266-5056
Principal, Ms. Janice Zupsic x2287 | Assistant Principal, Mr. John Booher x2479

June 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Please join us to celebrate the graduating class of 2020 on July 31st at 10:00 AM.   The ceremony will be held in Moe Rubenstein Stadium at the Ambridge Area High School.  The following measurements will be put in place:

  • Upon exiting vehicles, all attendees must wear masks for the duration of the event.
  • Students will be social distanced on the field.
  • Ticket holders will be social distanced in the stands and will sit in seats as marked.
  • Everyone should arrive in the same car.
  • Parents and students will park in the top lot.  Graduates will descend the stairs and line up on the sidewalk between the school and field.
  • Parents will enter main gate and be seated.
  • 4 tickets per family will be allotted.  Details regarding the distribution method will follow.

Please indicate your intent to attend by sending an RSVP with graduate’s first and last name. Please RSVP to Amy Sipes at 724-266-2833 x2335, /Users/jmueller/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/DWKJ3MB1/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., no later than 3:00 PM on July 10, 2020.  Please arrive promptly at 9:30 AM, in order to begin the ceremony in a timely manner. More specific details will be released the week of July 13, 2020, as the number of attendees will impact some procedural safeguards that will be instituted, per the CDC guidelines. As a reminder, our rain date will be Saturday, August 1, 2020.

This should be a great day as we honor our Class of 2020 graduates.  We hope you will be able to attend and share in this special ceremony.





Ms. Janice L. Zupsic


On Saturday, June 6th, we will be having a diploma distribution ceremony for the class of 2020 with a parade to follow. The diploma distribution will take place from 10 AM through 5 PM.
Seniors participating in the parade should arrive at the 911 Center no earlier than 5PM.
The parade will begin at 5:15 PM from the 911 Center parking lot located on 14th street in Ambridge.
Drivers will make a right turn out of the 911 center onto 14th St. and proceed to Merchant St.
Drivers will turn left onto Merchant St. and proceed south to 3rd St.
Drivers will turn left from Merchant St. at 3rd St. onto Duss Ave.
Drivers will proceed north on Duss Ave. to 14th St.
Drivers will turn left onto 14th St. where the parade will conclude back at the 911 center.
Please be patient and aware of traffic patterns on this special day as we celebrate our seniors and their accomplishments.
We welcome the community to cheer on our seniors while maintaining safe social distancing.

Class of 2020 Diploma Distribution Times for June 6, 2020

Last Name First Name Time Slot
Abel William 10:00 AM
Ahart TaLawrence 10:00 AM
Aleksiejczyk Hunter 10:05 PM
Antonini Annabella 10:05 AM
Anzio Ashli 10:10 AM
Astorino Zachary 10:10 AM
Barker Kylee 10:15 AM
Barkfelt Joshua 10:15 AM
Barnat Edward 10:20 AM
Baumbach Alyssa 10:20 AM
Beaudway Jacob 10:25 AM
Beaver Joseph 10:25 AM
Beisgen Charles 10:30 AM
Bellinger Dylan 10:30 AM
Bobak Kylee 10:35 AM
Bracero Brandon 10:40 AM
Brown Bianca 10:40 AM
Brown Jonathan 10:45 AM
Buck Liam 10:45 AM
Butler Paige 10:50 AM
Cain Alexis 10:50 AM
Campalong Nevan 10:55 AM
Capone Katera 10:55 AM
Carter Isaiah 11:00 AM
Carter Kasi 11:00 AM
Castro Dylan 11:05 AM
Cheran Alexander 11:05 AM
Chickos Rena 11:10 AM
Cook Christian 11:10 AM
Cybulski Evan 11:20 AM
Cybulski Olivia 11:20 AM
Dehaven Tristan 11:25 AM
Delon Bradley 11:25 AM
Deriggi Alyssa 11:30 AM
Devine Dylan 11:30 AM
Deweese Jordan 11:35 AM
Diallo Ibrahim 11:35 AM
Dicioccio Tyler 11:40 AM
Domenico McKenna 11:40 AM
Doncevic Sarah 11:45 AM
Dreyer Gavin 11:45 AM
Dugan Mackenzie 11:50 AM
Edwards Kayla 11:55 AM
Erfley-Smith Jordan 11:55 AM
Erickson Logan 12:00 PM
Fitzgerald Shamus 12:05 PM
Gardner Silas 12:10 PM
Geiger Brandon 12:10 PM
Gilbert Dalaijah 12:15 PM
Goepfert Madeline 12:15 PM
Golgosky William 12:20 PM
Grabski Frank 12:20 PM
Gruca Emily 12:25 PM
Hayes Bethany 12:25 PM
Haymond Tyler 12:30 PM
Henry Ethan 12:30 PM
Hicks Amanda 12:35 PM
Hilliker Dylan 12:35 PM
Hitt Emily 12:40 PM
Holman Haylee 12:40 PM
Hovan John 12:45 PM
Hubbard Jaden 12:50 PM
Irwin Halleigh 12:50 PM
Isles Mackenzie 12:55 PM
Isles Morgan 12:55 PM
Jarsulic Marjorie 1:00 PM
Johnson Nathanial 1:00 PM
Johnston Edward 1:05 PM
Jones Brooklyn 1:05 PM
Kamzelski Chloe 1:10 PM
Kennedy Ryan 1:10 PM
Kertis Cole 1:15 PM
Kingerski Jessica 1:15 PM
Klaas Zakary 1:20 PM
Kopas Makenzie 1:20 PM
Korol Olivia 1:25 PM
Kovach Lydia 1:30 PM
Kovach Mason 1:30 PM
Kuga Caitlin 1:35 PM
Kulesza Aleksi 1:40 PM
Kyler Hailey 1:40 PM
Lane Clayton 1:45 PM
Lapishka Nicholas 1:45 PM
Lehn Madison 1:50 PM
Linck Madison 1:50 PM
Lively Ashlyn 1:55 PM
Lively Brooke 1:55 PM
Lockhart Taylor 2:00 PM
Lodovico Domenic 2:00 PM
Lohnes Kylee 2:05 PM
Maley Jacob 2:05 PM
Mannerino Logan 2:10 PM
Martelli David 2:10 PM
Martin Rider 2:15 PM
Matzie Claire 2:15 PM
Maurer Zachary 2:20 PM
McCoy Alyssa 2:20 PM
McGeehan Marissa 2:25 PM
McKay Taylor 2:25 PM
McPherson Carly 2:30 PM
Mecchia-Hoover Michelina 2:30 PM
Meyer Joshua 2:35 PM
Miller Gabriella 2:35 PM
Moreland Mario 2:40 PM
Morrell Mackenzie 2:40 PM
Nauman Brandie 2:45 PM
Osborn Mason 2:45 PM
Oslick Gretchen 2:50 PM
Ozenich Azaria 2:50 PM
Padgett Baylee 2:55 PM
Paliani Sophia 2:55 PM
Payne-Washington Dalen 3:00 PM
Perkins Nasir 3:05 PM
Peters Alexandra 3:05 PM
Powell Carlina 3:10 PM
Pride Taya 3:10 PM
Pringle Makai 3:15 PM
Pritchard Alexis 3:15 PM
Pritt Abigail 3:20 PM
Pumphrey Jack 3:20 PM
Racioppo Haley 3:25 PM
Racioppo Ryan 3:25 PM
Rios Morales Kenia 3:30 PM
Ritchey Nathan 3:30 PM
Robinson Omaree 3:35 PM
Rotthoff Kevan 3:40 PM
Rue Ravyn 3:40 PM
Ruskin Raeffon 3:45 PM
Sakony Steve 3:45 PM
Scheidemantle Grant 3:50 PM
Schneider Nevaeh 3:50 PM
Schooley Wyatt 3:55 PM
Senger Dakota 3:55 PM
Seymour Selena 4:00 PM
Shingleton Kyla 4:00 PM
Smith Eric 4:05 PM
Smith Madeline 4:05 PM
Smokovich Adam 4:10 PM
Smokovich Noah 4:10 PM
Sterling Haley 4:15 PM
Stuebgen David 4:15 PM
Terrick Caleb 4:20 PM
Thomas Breanna 4:20 PM
Thomas Isaiah 4:25 PM
Thompson Lydia 11:15 AM
Timmons Erica 4:25 PM
Tkatch Riley 4:30 PM
Traupman Jacob 4:30 PM
Turner Selina 4:55 PM
Villella Kayla 4:35 PM
Wargo Laura 4:35 PM
Watson Schroeder Jabre 4:40 PM
Waychoff Bryce 4:40 PM
Weaver Nicholas 4:45 PM
Weedon Noah 4:45 PM
Whitaker Andre 4:50 PM
Yetsick Daniel 4:50 PM
Young Braeden 4:55 PM

nhsCongratulations to the senior members of the Ambridge Area High School National Honors Society! On Thursday Mrs. Santini and Mrs. Phillips delivered students their honors chords and a special donation from Oram’s donuts! We love our senior members and wish them the best of luck in the future and a very special thanks to Oram’s!

We would also like to offer our congratulations to the newest members, these students have pledged to uphold the high purposes of the Ambridge Area High School National Honors Society. They will be true to the principles for which it stands, be loyal to their school, and will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. We welcome our new members!