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Senior High School

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Principal, Ms. Janice Zupsic x2287 | Assistant Principal, Mr. John Booher x2479

Students at the Ambridge Area High School performed Disney’s The Little Mermaid on March 5-8, 2020. Great job to all of the cast, stage crew, and directors! Some of the lead roles were played by Piper Dunlap (Ariel), Reed Fisher (Prince Eric), Noah White (King Triton), Grant Scheidemantle (Grimsby), John Barnhart (Scuttle), Ryan Krokonko (Sebastian), Carlina Powell (Ursula), and Fiona Ozenich (Flounder). The production was directed by Jessica Patterson. Thank you to Joe Indovina for the pictures, Jeff DeSantis for conducting the orchestra, AAHS Stage Crew, and a special thank you to the production staff!  

Impact Guard Apprenticeships – Four Ambridge high school students are participating in a paid-apprenticeship program through Impact Guard.  Seniors Dylan Bellinger, Ethan Hertneky, and Ethan Henry as well as junior Kory McKenzie blended schedule which permits them to work as well as take classes during their school day.  All of these students have the opportunity of obtaining full-time employment upon graduation.


Americorps students preparing the beehives for Old Economy Village.  Four Ambridge high school students participate in a community-based program through Americorps.  Junior Kyle Seibert and sophomores Michael Shoats, Noah Siebert, and Randall Allison have a blended schedule in which part of their day is involved in assisting the community.  These students are mentored by John Laudenslager through Americorps’ grant.  These students have also assisted the Beautification Committee of Ambridge by building a sitting area by the Police Station public gardens.  The Americorps students also assist the Ambridge Chamber of Commerce.

Ambridge high school students participate in various field trips regarding the trades.  These students have toured McKamish, Sippel Steel Fabrications, and Impact Guard.  Exposing students to the various employment opportunities and post-secondary schools thought the trades is a focus point for the district. 

The Technology Education department is pleased to announce the results from the Technology Student Association (TSA) Regions 1 & 6 Leadership Conference. Twenty-eight members of the local Ambridge Area Chapter of the Technology Student Association (TSA) captured Thirty-Five individual and team awards. The conference was held at Blackhawk High School January 18, 2020.

Please congratulate the following members for their accomplishments:

Architectural Design:

1st Tyler Stickles, Amelia Freed, Matthew Kowalsky, Blake Gibson, Noah Szymoniak

Board Game Design:

3th Dinah Bailey, Kyla Fitzgibbons, Madeline Smith, Naomi Husted, Jordan DeWeese, Natalie Garrison

4th Michael Husted, Tori Hermann, Fiona Ozenich, Joy Jun, Emily Lyon, Leah Fritch

Computer-Aided Design - Architecture:

2nd Jacob Taupman

4th Blake Gibson

Computer-Aided Design - Engineering:

4th Blake Gibson

6th Noah Weedon

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM):

1st Dinah Bailey, Tori Hermann, Amelia Freed

Dragster Design:

1st Zoe Setzenfand

2nd Tyler Stickles

3rd Samantha Farah

4th Danielle Carpenter

Essays on Technology:

3rd Gabrielle Milcoff

Extemporaneous Presentation:

2nd Xander Dowlin

Future Technology & Engineering Teacher:

1st Jordan DeWeese

Music Production:

3rd Michael Husted, John Barnhart, Leah Fritch

On Demand Video:

1st Amelia Freed, Tori Hermann, Blake Lavagla

4th Dinah Bailey, Kyla Fitzgibbons, Jordan DeWeese, Madeline Smith, Zoe Setzenfand, Natalie Garrison

Photographic Technology:

1st Samantha Farah

2nd Zoe Setzenfand

3rd Emily Lyon

Prepared Presentation:

1st Dinah Bailey

Structural Design & Engineering:

5th Tyler Stickles, Matthew Kowalsky

Systems Control:

1st Tyler Stickles, Matthew Kowalsky, Xander Dowlin

3rd Kyla Fitzgibbons, Dinah Bailey, Fiona Ozenich

5th Noah Weedon, Hunter Albring, Daniel Carpenter

Technology Problem Solving:

2nd Natalie Garrison, Michael Husted


1st Naomi Husted, Haley, Hogue, Leah Fritch, Lindsay Stickles

Chapter Team - Written:

3rd Natalie Garrison

4th Kyla Fitzgibbons

6th Amelia Freed

Technology Bowl - Written:

6th Michael Husted

10th Amelia Freed

Forensic Technology:

3rd Tori Herman

6th Dinah Bailey

For more information on TSA and the many STEM opportunities for students 5-12, please visit the national website at or the PA site at patsa.web. Thank you for supporting our program and the interests of the students!