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The Technology Education department is pleased to announce the results from the Technology Student Association (TSA) Regions 1 & 6 Leadership Conference. Twenty-eight members of the local Ambridge Area Chapter of the Technology Student Association (TSA) captured Thirty-Five individual and team awards. The conference was held at Blackhawk High School January 18, 2020.

Please congratulate the following members for their accomplishments:

Architectural Design:

1st Tyler Stickles, Amelia Freed, Matthew Kowalsky, Blake Gibson, Noah Szymoniak

Board Game Design:

3th Dinah Bailey, Kyla Fitzgibbons, Madeline Smith, Naomi Husted, Jordan DeWeese, Natalie Garrison

4th Michael Husted, Tori Hermann, Fiona Ozenich, Joy Jun, Emily Lyon, Leah Fritch

Computer-Aided Design - Architecture:

2nd Jacob Taupman

4th Blake Gibson

Computer-Aided Design - Engineering:

4th Blake Gibson

6th Noah Weedon

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM):

1st Dinah Bailey, Tori Hermann, Amelia Freed

Dragster Design:

1st Zoe Setzenfand

2nd Tyler Stickles

3rd Samantha Farah

4th Danielle Carpenter

Essays on Technology:

3rd Gabrielle Milcoff

Extemporaneous Presentation:

2nd Xander Dowlin

Future Technology & Engineering Teacher:

1st Jordan DeWeese

Music Production:

3rd Michael Husted, John Barnhart, Leah Fritch

On Demand Video:

1st Amelia Freed, Tori Hermann, Blake Lavagla

4th Dinah Bailey, Kyla Fitzgibbons, Jordan DeWeese, Madeline Smith, Zoe Setzenfand, Natalie Garrison

Photographic Technology:

1st Samantha Farah

2nd Zoe Setzenfand

3rd Emily Lyon

Prepared Presentation:

1st Dinah Bailey

Structural Design & Engineering:

5th Tyler Stickles, Matthew Kowalsky

Systems Control:

1st Tyler Stickles, Matthew Kowalsky, Xander Dowlin

3rd Kyla Fitzgibbons, Dinah Bailey, Fiona Ozenich

5th Noah Weedon, Hunter Albring, Daniel Carpenter

Technology Problem Solving:

2nd Natalie Garrison, Michael Husted


1st Naomi Husted, Haley, Hogue, Leah Fritch, Lindsay Stickles

Chapter Team - Written:

3rd Natalie Garrison

4th Kyla Fitzgibbons

6th Amelia Freed

Technology Bowl - Written:

6th Michael Husted

10th Amelia Freed

Forensic Technology:

3rd Tori Herman

6th Dinah Bailey

For more information on TSA and the many STEM opportunities for students 5-12, please visit the national website at or the PA site at patsa.web. Thank you for supporting our program and the interests of the students!